To contact us, please email info@shabbelt.com

Since setting-up shop, we've been asked a lot of questions. Below, is the pick of the bunch, and the relevant answers. But if you have any more, email us (info@shabbelt.com); tweet us; or send us a message on facebook, and we'll be happy to answer.

1. Waist Size -

This is the TRUE waist size of your trousers (to flatter us, retailers often claim their trousers/pants are smaller than they actually are e.g. jeans that say 32 inches may in fact be 34 inches, or larger). If in doubt, please check. And please note, waist size is NOT the length of your existing belt.

2. Belt length -

This is measured from the middle hole to the start of the belt prong.

3. Shipping -

We ship worldwide. Packages are tracked. As your Shabbelt is custom-made, it usually takes about a week to 10 days from order to delivery (in Europe), or two weeks if you're ordering from outside the EU. If you need your Shabbelt more urgently, just let us know. Oh, and unlike some retailers, we don't make money on shipping. We charge you what it costs us to post your Shabbelt. 

4. Kosher -

All our Shabbelts are 100% kosher. In fact, as they're worn as proper belts, they're more kosher than the old elastic Shabbat belts, which many people wear over their belt loops. And if that's not proof enough, Shabbelts are worn by several of Britain's top rabbonim.

5. Yom Kippur -

The proscription on wearing leather on YK applies to footwear only - you can still wear a leather Shabbelt on Yom Kippur.

6. Manufacturing -

Rather than outsource our production to China, we prefer to keep a close eye on our merchandise, to ensure they're of the very best quality. Our Shabbelts are made in London.

7. Bespoke -

We do three main versions of the Shabbelt. However, if there's a particular belt style or material you prefer, we will do our best to accommodate you.

8. Payment -

Paypal preferred. Credit cards are also acceptable. We'll make your Shabbelt as soon as payment has cleared.

9. Eruvim -

If you live within an eruv - a demarcated boundary that effectively turns the public domain into your private domain - you may not need a Shabbelt (much as we hate to admit it!). However, some authorities don't observe eruvim, and therefore still consider areas outside of their own homes to be public, where carrying can't take place on the Sabbath. 

10. Stretchy -

Our Shabbelts are made of leather, so you cannot stretch your keys to your door (we used to manufacture a version with leather and elastic, but found there was most demand for all-leather Shabbelts). You need to unclip the keys at the side, and then reach to your door that way. If that sounds complicated, don't fret. It takes about 10 seconds - a small price to pay when you consider how much smarter you look.

11. No Keys, No Problem - 

If you just want a normal belt - no keys attached - we're happy to make it for you. Just put a zero down in the "number of keys" section of the order form, and we'll be delighted to make your belt. Or you can visit our sister site, Cinturone

12. Hows about a discount? - 

If you're a retailer and/or you'd like to order 10 or more Shabbelts, please email info@shabbelt.com and we'll be happy to offer you a wholesale discount.